In recent years, in wearable technology, we have seen some revolutionary innovations that will potentially change how we live our lives. From fitness trackers to wearable glasses, these devices are changing how our information is accessed, used, and shared. This is also the idea behind the Starkey Livio AI, known as the world's first 'healthable' hearing aid. 

Armed with integrated sensors and artificial intelligence, Livio AI is the world's first hearing aid to manage brain and body health. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. This hearing aid certainly lives up to its name because of the unique and advanced technology it boasts. The Livio AI is considered the first-ever hearing aid to feature integrated sensors and artificial intelligence. Working together, the sensors and AI technology work to monitor the wearer's cognitive and physical wellbeing.

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The Starkey Livio comes in 6 technology levels:

  • 1200
  • 1600
  • 2000
  • 2400
  • AI 2400
  • AI 2400 Edge

**Many of the features mentioned below are only available for the 2400 model and upwards. 

Technological Characteristics and Features

The Thrive Platform

The Thrive platform, which drives the Livio AI and Livio, has been designed to handle even the most complex situations with three times more digital signal processing (DSP).

Body and Brain tracking

Most fitness tracking devices are based on movements from the wrist, but the ear offers far more detailed data-in fact, it is the sweet spot for accurate tracking, and Livio AI is the first hearing aid to take advantage of this.

The Thrive app offers an individualized brain score based on the amount of time the wearer uses their hearing aids daily and the amount of time they spend socializing. The hearing aids also track the wearer's activities, movement, exercise, and even caloric burn levels using integrated sensors. This data is sent to the connected Thrive app, which then calculates a daily body score. An overall assessment of your health and wellbeing is then created with these two scores, named your Thrive Wellness Score. 

Edge Mode (Livio AI Edge only)

Starkey announced the Livio Edge AI arrival early last year, which built on the popularity of the Livio AI. It combines all of the standout features of the AI and adds the 'Edge Mode.' Even in the most challenging listening conditions, the Edge Mode's AI technology helps enhance speech comprehension with just a touch, even when people are wearing face masks or social distancing.

The Thrive App

Via Bluetooth technology and Starkey's easy-to-use Thrive Hearing app, Livio AI intuitively connects to your Apple and Android devices. The Thrive app has additional features designed to boost your hearing experience everywhere you go and to make it easier for you to enjoy everything you do. It works in tandem with the Livio AI to give you full control of your hearing aids.

  • Quickly change settings, adjust volume easily, build personalized memories, and stream music or phone calls with the click of a button.
  • Set reminders, monitor your hearing aids, and use voice commands.
  • Find a missing or misplaced phone by using the Thrive Assistant to make your phone ring.
  • Get hearing aid adjustments from your hearing professional via video chat. 
  • Send fall alerts to selected contacts.
  • Identify and translate speech easily from 27 languages.

Other features

Mask Mode: This is a setting that optimizes speech audibility and sound quality when listening to mask wearers. It works by evaluating the present speech and noise levels and then dynamically applying the gain, output, noise control, directional microphones, and other characteristics to ensure that sounds are optimized.

Transcribe closed captioning. You can transcribe conversations and display them on your smartphone screen.

Rechargeable technology: Get 23 hours of continuous listening, including 4 hours of streaming on a single charge and a swift 3.5 hour charge time.

Localized settings: You can geotag settings so that when you enter a room, geotagged memory, you use GPS and cellular towers to automatically know where you are and adjust your Livio AI hearing aid settings. For example, when you step into your favorite coffee shop, a geotagged "coffee shop" memory automatically activates.

Self Check: This provides patients with a simple, easy way to assess their hearing aid device's performance. Patient-initiated diagnosis ensures that system elements, including microphones, receivers, circuits, and sensors, function optimally. This feature helps hearing specialists assess if your device has a functional problem.

Voice-activated and tap-activated commands: By tapping and speaking, you can directly control the aid, from increasing to volume to changing listening modes. Through the Thrive Assistant role in the Thrive app, You also have access to Siri, allowing you immediate access to a world of knowledge at your fingertips.


The Starkey Livio AI is unrivaled in its range of innovative features, which go beyond the scope of what hearing aid is expected to do. Those who love to maximize their health and wellness are positioned to benefit significantly from this line of hearing aids. 

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