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Sound World Solutions

Sound World Solutions strives to develop and offer a high-quality hearing solution that allows individuals, regardless of their geographic position or economic circumstances, to rediscover the power of connecting with the people they love.

The company relies on affordable off-the-shelf Bluetooth technology to manufacture a hearing aid that costs less than a tenth of a traditional hearing aid. By eschewing custom parts, Sound World Solutions has brought down costs.

"The chip that we're using for our [device's] brain is part of hundreds of millions of units that are already in the field for Bluetooth products" - Shawn Stahmer, VP for business development at Sound World Solutions

Dr. Stavros Basseas, an engineer and hearing aid technologist, and David Green, a public health project specialist for emerging markets, founded Sound World Solutions in 2007 to develop low-cost hearing aid technologies and democratize hearing care.

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Centered in Park Ridge, Illinois, Sound World Solutions provides features that can allow users to independently fit and configure their hearing devices through mobile app technology without the help of a licensed professional.

CS50+ Personal Sound Amplifier

Wirecutter pick for best personal sound amplifier product (PSAP) of 2020

The most significant issue individuals have with personal hearing amplification systems is that they tend to make everything louder. This means that you might also hear the neighbor's dog barking in the background as well as the conversation you want to hear. 

By allowing the user to change which frequencies are amplified, the CS50 overcomes this issue. Three settings are pre-programmed, but users can also configure the settings and save the settings that work for them. Such settings allow the user to control which sound frequencies are picked up and heard while lowering the frequencies most often heard as background noise.

A Bluetooth connection enables you to listen to music or use the device to make phone calls. The battery life of the CS50+ is up to 12 hours, making it the only Bluetooth-enabled PSAP reviewed by the Wirecutter that can last for a full day of use. Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries power it, so you don't have to rush to the store when you run out of power. Simply place the device into the charging cradle at night and wake up in the morning to a full day of power. 

In a 2017 study published in the American Medical Association Journal, the CS50+ was the best performing PSAP out of all models tested.

HD100 Companion

Unlike the CS50+, the HD100 companion is a hearing aid. Unlike most other hearing aids, however, you do not need a prescription from an audiologist to acquire it, and you have to personalize the hearing enhancement yourself.

The HD100 companion boasts all of the standout features of the CS50+, including Bluetooth connectivity and lithium-ion rechargeable technology. On top of that, its larger size means it can accommodate a bigger battery - you'll enjoy 15 hours of runtime on the HD100, compared with 12 hours on the CS50+.

A behind-the-ear type hearing aid, the Sound World Solutions Companion, comes with three different shaped ear tips you experiment with to find the best match. The sound tube also has an additional adjustable length of 1.4", so you can more easily customize it to fit your ear."

The companion allows up to 62dB of gain, making it the most powerful of Sound World Solutions' current offerings. This power makes it suitable for a wide range of hearing loss levels, from mild to severe. 


This hearing aid is a sleeker version of the HD100 with a lot of the same features. As such, the HD75 is the ideal choice in environments where a little more discretion is needed. 

  • The hearing aid allows for three and a half days of power in each battery.
  • Also, benefit from directional microphones for excellent understanding in noisy environments.

In late 2020/early 2021, The company plans to bring out a rechargeable battery option for the HD75 in response to customer demand. 

The Sound World Solutions app

The ability to tailor the sound to fit your hearing needs better is one of the best features of each Sound World Solutions hearing device. This is made possible by downloading an app to your phone, tablet, or device.

Personalized hearing profiles: You can change your device default settings to your profile or one of three preset listening profiles. An automated program guides you through a brief hearing screening and automatically programs your device based on the results.

Adjust frequencies: For a fully personalized user experience, you can adjust individual settings for treble, mid, and bass frequencies. 

Environmental settings: Three environmental settings have been preconfigured to improve your device's performance in particular circumstances.

  • Your personalized profile created through the personalization process mentioned above becomes the Everyday mode.
  • Restaurant mode emphasizes the directional microphone in noisy environments to concentrate on sounds coming towards you and reject unexpected sounds.
  • Entertainment mode offers a better low-frequency response for a more natural balanced sound for use at concerts, the movie theater, or similar events. 
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