In the field of hearing aids, Resound has a long and historical tradition of creativity. In 2013, it manufactured the first Made For iPhone hearing aids that completely redefined what Bluetooth connectivity should be. Hearing aids were able to directly connect to smartphones for the very first time.

The company continues that tradition by spearheading an entirely new class of hearing aid in the ReSound ONE, known as a Microphone and Receiver-in-Ear (M&RIE) hearing aid. ReSound ONE utilized various hardware and software features from the previous LiNX Quattro hearing devices and uses the same smartphone app.

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Features of the ReSound ONE 

Platform with C6 Chip

The new C6 Chip Platform is ReSound's fastest and most powerful chip platform to date. Compared to the LiNX Quattro chipset, the C6 platform offers 50 percent more processing power and 220 percent more memory. This allows sound with more depth with minimal loss of battery life.

M&RIE Receivers 

As mentioned before, the ReSound ONE is the very first M&RIE hearing aid. This style includes an additional microphone mounted in the receiver and the two microphones that hearing aids usually have. The inside microphone leverages your outer ear's unique shape to collect sound organically in your ear. With a microphone and receiver placed within the ear, users can collect the whole sound, just as nature intended. The C6 sound processing chipset and feedback management system make this innovation possible. Studies indicate that all users of hearing aids prefer sounds collected from their own ears, with 90% of users preferring ReSound ONE's sound to M&RIE compared to that of a Behind-the-ear microphone. 

All Access Directionality

Inspired by the ReSound philosophy of 'Organic Listening,' All Access Directionality switches directional microphone patterns automatically to put you in the best position to hear what you need to and still be able to track the sounds around you. It allows your brain, not your hearing aids, to classify what needs to be heard by allowing you to hear more sounds than most hearing aids, helping you feel at ease and communicate with others more seamlessly.

Ultra Focus

The ReSound Smart 3D app now offers a new Ultra Focus setting. This feature allows you to focus the microphones on your conversation partner. By leveraging the speech frequencies for targeted directionality and the high and low frequencies to track the surrounding sound environment, the Ultra Focus allows you to focus on speech and still retain spatial signals from the sides and back.

Long-lasting rechargeable technology

With up to 30 hours of battery life or 25 hours with the option to stream as much as you like, the ReSound ONE boasts industry-beating battery life. Two separate charger options serve as protective cases for added versatility, suitable for traveling and storage:

  • For up to three days of fast charging on the go, the Premium Charger features an onboard battery without the need for a power outlet.
  • The smaller Standard Charger offers you the charging capabilities you need at home in a compact, streamlined style.

Bluetooth LE Technology  

With direct audio streaming from both iOS and Android devices, ReSound ONE adapts to your lifestyle by connecting you to the world around you. So, without an intermediary streamer, your favorite audiobook, music, or even GPS directions will stream directly to your hearing aids. The Bluetooth LE technology ensures you will have enough power to stream whatever content you like and still use your hearing aids for the whole day. 

At home reprogramming of your hearing aids

ReSound Assist, accessible via the ReSound Smart 3D app, offers you two easy ways to communicate with your hearing provider:

  • Remote requests for fine-tuning: This allows you to send adjustment requests for your ReSound ONE to your hearing provider, no matter what time it is. 
  • Video appointments with live assistance: This allows you to connect with your provider via video chat to engage in real-time hearing aid reprogramming. 

Resound One Models

The ReSound ONE comes in three models with the. There is a size 312 version of the battery, which is the smallest, a rechargeable lithium-ion version, and a size 13 version of the battery, which is the largest. The size 13 battery edition also contains a Telecoil. It is available in the M&RIE style at the 7 and 9 technology level. However, if you opt for 5 level technology, the M&RIE option is not available.

Every individual's hearing is as unique as a fingerprint, and a hearing loss solution based on the average ear is no longer enough. ReSound ONE represents a long-awaited shift that offers everyone a solution to their hearing loss that is precisely individualized to their hearing anatomy. The hearing aid gives the brain everything it needs to interpret sound with greater depth and direction, making it easier than ever to join the conversation than ever before.

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