Phonak believes that hearing well is critical to your well-being, as well as living your life to the fullest. For more than 70 years, they have helped build a world where everyone has access to all the sounds around them. 

The Phonak Audéo Paradise is the culmination of decades of experience in technology, imagination, and unwavering passion. It represents their drive and dedication to creating a hearing aid that is the best possible option for anyone, no matter what their lifestyle.

The Phonak Paradise follows hot on the heels of the much-acclaimed Phonak Marvel, Phonak's best-selling hearing aid for two years. It comes with a handful of upgrades, including Bluetooth connectivity to more devices, on-board motion sensors, "air tap" features, and a new operating system.

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Technological features

Audéo Paradise is the first hearing aid to take advantage of the new PRISM (Processing Real-time Intelligent Sound Management) sound processing chip from Sonova, which unlocks a range of newly developed hardware and software features to help customers rediscover the sounds around them. The hearing aids deliver crisp, natural sound in any environment.

Motion sensors:

The Paradise features an ultra-low power motion tri-axial accelerometer that supports a range of new hearing performance features. Motion Sensor Hearing senses when you're moving and can tell whether you're talking to someone on the left or right. The accelerometer senses vibrations from your ears and then uses a total of four microphones to create a narrower field to amplify the voice of your conversational partner above any other noises that might be happening around you.

AutoSense OS 4.0:

The latest AutoSense OS 4.0 has been created with artificial intelligence to customize and generate unrivaled sound quality. In tandem with their latest features, AutoSense OS 4.0 seamlessly supports a whole host of communication needs and lifestyles. Even when streaming, AutoSense OS 4.0 provides a smooth listening experience.

Dynamic Noise Cancellation:

When speech comes from the front and noise comes from the side and back, it often involves an effort to follow conversations, especially when there is background noise. You can configure the amount of noise cancellation you like in real-time with the myPhonak app.

Speech enhancer:

It can be tough to understand someone whispering or talking from a distance in a quiet environment. Speech Enhancer enhances soft-level speech so that you'll never miss a whisper from your peers, colleagues, or loved ones.

Adaptive Phonak Digital 2.0:

Adaptive Phonak Digital (APD) 2.0 is a patented fitting formula designed to combine audibility, loudness, and sound quality. It adds a new processing algorithm to help improve the success of hearing aid fitting sessions. 

Multiple connections:

Phonak Paradise connects directly to your iOS, Android, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices so that you can stream high-quality audio directly to your hearing aids. You can also connect to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously as an additional convenience and alternate between the two seamlessly.

Tap Control:

Previous Phonak hearing aids used a push button on the device itself to activate Bluetooth functionality, such as answering calls or pausing streaming. With Tap Control, The Paradise goes one better. All it takes is a quick double-tap of the hearing aid, and you can also use it to turn on voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, or Google on your smartphone.

Remote Support:

Hearing aid fittings are a process, and it usually takes an individual a couple of trips back and forth from the hearing practice office to get the settings right. Often the sound you hear from the audiologist is very different from what you hear at home or in the workplace. The Remote Support option on the Phonak Paradise connects you to an audiologist face to face right in the myPhonak app. It allows you to access hearing aid adjustments from your sofa.


The Paradise comes with a rechargeable option, as with the previous two generations of Phonak hearing aids. A typical wearer can receive a minimum of 16 hours of use on a full charge, and this figure accounts for 8 hours of everyday use and 8 hours of use of the streaming via Bluetooth. Without streaming, you can get 24 hours of continuous hearing aid use.

The myPhonak App

The integrated app comes with the following features:

Remote control: This lets you change and control your hearing aids while you are wearing them. To make it easier to have a conversation with a friend in a noisy restaurant, for instance, you can adjust the frequency of the Dynamic Noise Cancellation. You can also adjust tap Control settings to your liking.

Remote Help: This helps your hearing care provider fit your hearing aids in real-time. This is useful when you can't make an in-office consultation or fit your hearing aids based on your home sound environment. 

Hearing Diary: This option helps you keep track of your hearing experience and share input with your hearing professional. 

Paradise Models

The Phonak Paradise is available in the RIC (receiver-in-canal) form factor. This is the most common style and is an excellent balance of size, features, and ease of wear. It's available in 7 colors. The look of the Paradise takes more than a few cues from the Phonak Marvel, with only a few slight variations, such as a slimmer push button and a subtle adjustment in the front microphone port.

In conclusion, the Paradise of Phonak is a significant improvement from its predecessor. This could be the hearing aid for you if you are tech-savvy and looking for a hearing aid with user-friendly functions, more Bluetooth options than ever, and state-of-the-art features.

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