Before you even factor in the expense of the initial audiogram, diagnosis, and early follow-up, most hearing aid models cost well over $1,000 per ear. Otofonix Hearing Solutions strives to provide a more cost-effective option, with quality hearing aids that can be delivered directly to your home at less than half the cost of conventional hearing aids.

When OTC hearing amplifiers were first made available without a prescription in 2009, Otofonix was a pioneer in bringing some of the first personal sound amplifier products (PSAPs) to the public. The company has its origins in Board-certified otolaryngologist Sigmund Ancerewicz, who developed a PSAP to take advantage of the relaxation of federal laws surrounding OTC hearing devices. And with that, Otofonix was born.

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Based in North Carolina, the company was founded to meet the needs of those with hearing loss without breaking the bank. Since then, Otofonix now offers mostly hearing aids, gathering thousands of positive feedback from satisfied users in the process.

Otofonix hearing devices


If you're not quite ready for hearing aids, the APEX PSAP is for you. It blurs the line between hearing aid and PSAP by offering excellent performance for those who need a little boost without committing to spending thousands of dollars.

This digital ear amplifier with digital noise reduction and noise cancellation comes with three preset hearing enhancement programs and helps you to hear more clearly:

  • Standard Setting: Amplifies all frequencies.
  • Noisy Atmosphere: Eliminates background noise.
  • Treble Environment: Eliminates sounds at high frequencies.

Whether you have trouble listening to your TV, the hearing amplifier from Otofonix will help enhance sounds and keep the brain healthy by providing it with a full spectrum of sounds.


If you are looking for an affordable behind-the-ear hearing aid, the Otofonix ELITE is an excellent choice. It is ideal for people who want a quick, easy-to-use device that provides some of the more sophisticated technology you won't find on cheaper hearing aids. 

The ELITE provides background noise reduction and cancellation of feedback that helps provide excellent sound quality. It's also very discreet for most users and has a comfortable fit.


One of the most popular hearing amplifiers from Otofonix is the ENCORE. It's a high-quality device costing less than half of other equivalent hearing aid models.

The use of dual-direction microphones is the first central feature that differentiates the Otofonix ENCORE from the ELITE. This better imitates the ear's normal function and allows for better control of background noise. With two microphones, sounds aren't always louder, but they focus on what you want to hear more easily.

The provided telecoil technology is another characteristic of the ENCORE. This allows you to communicate directly with various environments that provide a hearing loop, allowing you to receive essential public information streamed straight to your hearing aids, such as announcements in airports. 

The Otofonix ENCORE can handle mild to severe hearing loss with its maximum of 53 dB peak gain. Some hearing amplifiers are intended for mild hearing loss at best. ENCORE's power means a broader range of individuals can use the device for their needs.


What distinguishes the Otofonix HELIX from the other products in the Otofonix range is its rechargeability. Pop the hearing aids overnight into the charging base and enjoy a whole day of use the next day. 

Rechargeable technology is a paradigm shift for the hearing industry. Users of hearing aids can spend up to 100 dollars on disposable batteries per year. The challenge of purchasing hearing aid batteries and the additional shipping costs or the gas needed to drive to get them are not insignificant. 

With rechargeable hearing aids, online orders, pharmacy trips, or marginal costs are not required. The hearing aid comes with batteries, and they can be recharged as many times as you like.

The Helix also includes many of the ENCORE features, including a telecoil, noise reduction, and directional microphones.


The SONA is the most premium model offered by Otofonix. It is known as a "Slim Tube" BTE (behind-the-ear) hearing device. This means that the devices sit just behind the ear, and the amplified sound travels down a short, thin tube in the ear canal to a silicone "dome."

The ability to personalize your sound is the most significant feature of the SONA. You install the Otofonix app on your smartphone, connect it to your SONA hearing aids, and individually change frequencies to suit your preferences. 

Self-fitting technology is another exciting feature. The app lets you set up your listening experience when you first start using the SONA, so the hearing aids are harmonized with your hearing needs. This automatic software prompts you in a similar way to how an audiologist would do so if they were programming your hearing aids.

Finally, the SONA contains four pre-configured programs and 10 volume levels that make for an optimal listening experience, no matter what environment you find yourself in. 

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