With more than 110 years of experience in the design and production of hearing aids for adults and children, Oticon is one of the most innovative hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Oticon has always let the research lead the way to hearing aids, and with their latest hearing aid range is no different.

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The Oticon Philosophy

Oticon believes that hearing aids should help you hear what you need as quickly as possible. Your brain is forced to work harder by restricting what you can hear to only one individual speaking, for instance, as most hearing aids do, and you can be cut off from all conversations around you. Oticon aims to help better minimize the health and life concerns associated with untreated hearing loss by encouraging the brain to process sound in the most organic way.

Oticon More Features

A Deep Neural Network

Oticon More is the first-ever hearing aid operated by a Deep Neural Network (DNN) embedded on the chip. This built-in artificial intelligence ensures you hear the nuances of the sound around you. Oticon's research team ran 12 million real-world sound scenes through a 360 ° spherical microphone.

They then used these recorded sounds to train the Deep Neural Network (DNN) technology to identify each type of sound and its relative importance to a hearing aid's wearer. Based on this research, the Deep Neural Network can predict a task based on previous experience. Like human intelligence, the hearing aids get better through experience. The hearing aid scans around when you enter a sound environment, utilizes its deep neural network to recognize the sound scene, then ensures that the sounds are coherent and correctly balanced.

The most intelligent chipset ever by Oticon

Oticon More is powered by the Polaris platform, which is a chipset purpose-built for the hearing aid. MoreSound Intelligence (MSI) technology optimizes the way sounds are processed, running seamlessly through diverse listening environments. To support the brain optimally, all kinds of sounds are recognized, including their subtle nuances and the optimal way they should sound. Scanning the soundscape 500 times per second, MSI collects the sound scene's intricate details and processes them with better contrast, balance, and clarity than ever before. Based on an EEG analysis, MSI has been shown to make a sound scene 60 percent clearer.

Faster processing power, better understanding in noise

The human brain is the gold standard for sound processing; that's why the company designed the Oticon More to function more like how the brain works. Using BrainHearing technology, Oticon More offers what the brain needs to make better sense of sound. Oticon More delivers 

  • 30 percent more sound to the brain
  • 15 percent more speech comprehension

Rechargeable as standard

As a default, the Oticon More offers a rechargeable option. A 3-hour charge produces 24 hours' worth of power, more than enough to get you through the day, even when streaming your favorite content. Like charging your phone or brushing your teeth, the act of recharging your hearing aid will glide effortlessly into your night-time routine. The 24-hour charge ensures that you will probably never be caught out with the Oticon More when out and about. If you are strapped for time, the hearing aid delivers six hours of power in just 30 minutes of charging time. 

Many choices for networking

  • Take advantage of high-quality, direct sound streaming from iPhone and Android compatible smartphones.
  • For hands-free calls from any compatible device, there is the ConnectClip.
  • Stream all your favorite TV shows with the TV Adapter from Oticon.

The Oticon ON app

When connected to your device, you can customize your listening experience with the Oticon ON app. From modifying the volume to updating software, to checking up on battery levels, you're in control with the Oticon ON app. It also features a useful way to find your hearing aids if you ever misplace them. 

Styles, power levels, and colors

Oticon More is available in one style, the miniRITE. It's quite close to the Oticon open hearing aids' in terms of design and looks and is a compact receiver-in-the-ear type hearing aid with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery built-in. There are three distinct levels of technology for the Oticon More:

  • More 1: the top-of-the-line model.
  • More 2: an advanced model.
  • More 3: the basic model.

Whether you want it to stand out or blend in, the Oticon More comes in several distinct colors.

Bottom Line

Oticon has a well-earned reputation for providing high-quality hearing aids that provide a natural hearing experience. With the Oticon More, Oticon continues this exploration of natural sound. Following a hearing aid as popular as the Oticon Opn wasn't easy, but the Oticon More is a fine successor.

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