Nuheara is a leader in the wearables industry and one of the first businesses to provide active noise cancellation in fully wireless earbuds that often have access to voice assistants.

The company believes it has developed a new way of hearing, hence the name 'Nuheara.' They're looking to help their customers to listen, communicate, and connect seamlessly with their physical and digital worlds without being constrained by wires. 

Nuheara launched an Indiegogo campaign in mid-2016 to introduce "intelligent hearing" to the masses. Named IQBuds were Bluetooth earbuds that offered highly advanced proprietary technology for active noise cancelation and assisted listening capabilities. The IQBuds were a hit and provided the impetus for the subsequent launches of the IQBuds Boost and the IQbuds2 MAX.

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Does Nuheara make hearing aids?

Nuheara does not manufacture hearing aids. Instead, it produces sound augmentation technology that can help those with mild hearing loss, which does not rise to the degree that requires a hearing aid prescription.

As David Cannington, EVP and Nuheara's co-founder, explains: "Our product is designed for people that have certain hearing challenges. They don't want to buy a hearing aid. They want to augment their hearing."

This middle way between the hearing aid and headphone extends to pricing. Nuheara products might seem costly as far as wearables go. But if you equate them to real hearing aids that appear to go for thousands of dollars, they are a bargain. 

IQbuds Boost

These are wireless, Bluetooth-enabled headphones that provide enhanced listening versatility and deep customization to personalize your hearing experience. Choose how you hear the world around you with noise cancellation and audio management.

Ear ID: This is a core technology for both the IQ Boost and the IQbuds Max. Ear ID is a clinically verified audiometric hearing evaluation that calibrates your earbuds to perform as you hear best, based on your hearing profile. The included Focus function uses directional microphones to boost speech or ambient noise based on your hearing.

Speech in Noise Control (SINC): This allows you to adjust sound settings based on your environment. You can entirely mute background noise, increase the sound of a conversation you have with someone in a noisy environment, or allow active noise cancellation so that the integrated microphones and processing engine can suppress those external sounds.

IPX7: IQbuds Boost is IPX7-rated water-and-sweat-resistant. Whether you are working out or working late, the  IQbuds Boost is built to resist moisture.

Long runtime: In addition to the 8 hours of audio streaming or 12 hours of hearing increase per charge provided by the earbuds, an optional charging case 1140mAh battery will expand these numbers to 20 hours and 32 hours a piece.

MAX iQbuds2

Following the success of the original IQBuds, Nuheara adds a cutting edge new design that includes Bluetooth 5.0, Active Noise Cancelling (ANC), and much-improved sound. Thanks to built-in microphones that allow sound to pass through the earbuds while you wear them, the new IQbuds2 MAX can also enhance your hearing in challenging situations.

The earbuds use AI to filter sound, remove background noise, and emphasize voices, rather than just letting the sound through.

The IQbuds2 Max shares many features with the IQbuds Boost, with the following additions:

Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation: IQbuds2 MAX uses three microphones to analyze and process sounds inside and outside the ear with the most advanced ANC technology. Advanced filtering circuitry produces cancellation waves in the ear to minimize disruptive noises and in-ear occlusion. Users can block outside noises with the tap of a finger. Working in conjunction with SINC for unprecedented noise reduction and control, this functionality offers a premium dual noise-isolation experience.

Triple-core DSP system: This offers maximum listening fidelity and eliminates occlusion to produce the most natural enhanced sound ever in a hearing bud. Advanced Digital Signal Processing IQbuds2 MAX contains a 450MIPS signal processing engine in each earbud, delivering an excellent natural sound experience.

Bluetooth 5: Walk away from your smartphone further without breaking the wireless link and losing your stream with this new Bluetooth technology.

The innovations of the IQbuds2 MAX have not gone unnoticed - the product was recently regarded as one of the best inventions of 2020 by TIME magazine. 


Enjoy watching TV on your terms with the NuHeara IQstream TV device. This smart device syncs your TV audio with your IQbuds BOOST or MAX iQbuds2 hearables to deliver high-quality sound at the volume you need to enjoy your content with minimal delay.

This device connects to the audio outlet of your TV. If paired, the TV volume can be independently changed through the IQbuds smartphone app for Nuheara's IQbuds earphones. So no matter what level the TV volume is set to, the IQbuds BOOST volume setting can be as low or high as you like without bothering anyone nearby.

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