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Lexie Hearing

Lexie Hearing thinks that people should be able to experience great hearing, no matter their budget. Many individuals do not wear hearing aids because they are too costly. That's why Lexie Hearing is changing the paradigm. They provide consumers with high-quality hearing aids with an excellent service. 

Lexie Hearing is a division of the company HearX. Based in South Africa, it operates customer service, development, and logistics in the US. HearX's introduction to the hearing industry was through developing a hearing testing app, which was eventually used by one million individuals worldwide.

This experience led the founders to recognize that hearing aids were not used by many individuals who have hearing loss. In response, in July 2020, HearX launched its first hearing aid, the Lexie Lumen.

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Direct-to-consumer hearing aids, personal online service

Lexie hearing aids are sold direct-to-consumer. Through Lexie, you can now easily buy hearing aids online, use an app to complete a hearing check, customize them from home, and interact with on-demand hearing professionals. 

This model doesn't require an appointment with an audiologist. Instead of using the Lexie app, you'll take their virtual hearing exam. After the hearing aids have been shipped, you can use the Lexie App to take a test and program your hearing aids according to your specific hearing profile.

An industry-beating price model 

The Lexie Hearing business model cuts 80% off regular hearing aid prices to develop reliable, effective hearing care options for individuals with hearing loss. By using smart technology built in the United States, the company says it can keep costs down "without compromising on quality or sought-after features."

For $49 a month with no contract, you can secure a pair of Lexie hearing aids. You will get two hearing aids, basic insurance to minimize maintenance costs, and a hearing aid upgrade every two years with your subscription.

For $799, you can even buy a pair outright.

The Lexie Lumen hearing aid

A relatively conventional behind-the-ear hearing aid, the Lexie Lumen uses a thin plastic tube to transmit sound to the ear canal. The Lumen has a size 312 hearing aid battery and arrives in gray or beige colors. It has a volume rocker and a push-button for environment control.

Here's an overview of the main features of the Lexie Lumen:

  • Directional hearing: Directional microphones enhance the sounds you want to hear and cancel out the sounds you do not want to hear.
  • Noise reduction: Best-in-class adaptive noise reduction.
  • Autofit: A smart fit algorithm tailors the hearing profile for your devices.
  • Telecoil functionality: Transfers essential audio services to your hearing aids while in public places.
  • Clear phone calls: Better quality phone calls.
  • Clear sound: Dual-drivers.
  • Nanotechnology: Nano coating technology resists moisture and increases your devices' lifespan.

The Lexie Lumen pack comes with a pair of hearing aids and an accessory kit containing new batteries, a carry case, various dome options, slim tubes, and drying capsules. It also includes access to the Lexie Hearing app, remote treatment, rewards program, system insurance, and a free 45-day trial period.

The Lexie App

  • Get your hearing tested in 2 minutes.
  • Program your hearing aids automatically according to the findings of your hearing test.
  • Select listening programs.
  • Change the volume.
  • Monitor battery levels.
  • Speak to an expert.
  • Request an expert to adjust the settings on your hearing aids remotely.
  • Access Lexie Benefits.
  • A hearing aids FAQ section.

The Lexie reward program

A first of its kind and exclusive to Lexie Hearing, the Lexie Rewards program is an incentive-driven program that empowers clients to get the most out of their Lexie hearing experience. By meeting their wearing and hearing objectives, customers can earn up to 15 percent back in Lexie Rewards points.

A 45-day free trial

Even after you have painstakingly weighed up your options, it is hard to decide if a pair of hearing aids you choose will live up to expectations, especially if they have been bought online. 

In-person hearing practices encourage you to test the hearing aids in their office for an hour. Doing so helps you to get a basic understanding of how hearing aids function, but wearing them in real life is the best way to know which hearing aid is right for you.

That is why Lexie offers a 45-day risk-free trial. The company will give you a full refund if you're not fully happy.


All Lexie hearing aids come with a warranty from the manufacturer for one year. This warranty includes hearing aid damages, so the users have their Lumen fixed or replaced if their device fails within the first year of use. The warranty does not cover loss or theft, but in the event of loss or theft, users still in their warranty period can have their aids replaced for $120 per ear.

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