Ten years ago, an ENT founded Eargo with his son and a medical engineer trained by MIT. Eargo's first hearing aid, Eargo Plus, was launched in 2017. Eargo Max, a highly successful early hearing aid for the brand, was launched in 2018, and Eargo Neo and New HiFi were released in 2019 and 2020, respectively. The current pandemic has skyrocketed demand for the company's online-only hearing aid business model.

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Overcoming barriers to hearing care

People often go for years without seeking help for their hearing loss. Many are put off by the price of hearing aids, the time and effort it takes to acquire them, and the fear of looking old while wearing them. 

With its range of hearing aids, Eargo has decided to address each of these barriers to hearing treatment.

According to the company: "Our innovative product and go-to-market approach address the major challenges of traditional hearing aid adoption, including social stigma, accessibility and cost."

With wireless products built that are fit comfortably inside the ear and which can be purchased online by a professional, Eargo hopes more of those with hearing loss can be encouraged to seek the treatment they desperately need.

Eargo hearing aid design

The company boasts three reasonably-priced models, all of which have a nearly invisible, completely-in-canal (CIC) fit.

Eargo hearing aids are always black and have a distinctive "fishing lure" earpiece. This refers to the "flexi" silicone earplug, which Eargo calls, depending on the type of unit, "flexi fiber" or "flexi palm." It secures the hearing aid to the middle of the ear canal without creating an airtight barrier. This design helps the ears breathe, preventing your voice from sounding strange when talking (a common issue with hearing aids).

Eargo hearing aid features

Each Eargo hearing aid includes the following:

  • Advanced noise reduction and cancelation of feedback.
  • Four preset audio customization sound profiles enabling users to tailor the sound amplification to their unique hearing loss level and form.
  • Rechargeable batteries that charge the hearing aids automatically in their case.
  • A rapid charge feature allows you to get three hours of use from only 30 minutes of charge.
  • Remote support via connected smartphones, allowing users to receive alerts and updates directly without sending them back to Eargo.
  • Technical support for the lifetime of the device. 

Eargo Hearing aids

Eargo provides three options for hearing assistance. Choose from the Eargo Max, Eargo Neo, or Eargo Neo Hifi based on your hearing loss and budget. A battery case, loading cable, replacement Flexi Fibers or Flexi Palms, wax guard, and a cleaning brush come as standard for all Eargo hearing aid models.

Eargo Neo Hifi 

Eargo Neo Hifi hearing aids are the most advanced hearing aids offered by the company. It is a state-of-the-art hearing aid with premium sound quality. With the Eargo mobile app, Eargo Neo Hifi allows you to change audio settings to suit your needs and your lifestyle. The Eargo Neo features a new 4-layer tetrapalm earbud. These are soft replaceable silicone tips, enabling the Neo Hifi to float freely inside your ear, allowing air and external sounds in for a natural hearing experience.

Eargo Neo

Eargo Neo was designed to deliver better build quality and a more discreet form factor. This model provides excellent noise reduction and sound wave personalization through the Eargo app. The Neo's most striking feature is its updated Flexi earpieces, which seem to float in the ear canal because of its revolutionary flower-like design.

Eargo MAX

The Eargo MAX a more affordable device that still offers all of the core features: invisibility, convenience, hearing health, professional support, and a one-year guarantee. 

Time Magazine named the Eargo Max one of the best inventions of 2018, recognizing it as a standout option for people who are experiencing mild to moderate hearing loss for the first time. 

The Eargo hearing app

Users can download the Eargo app to configure their Eargo Neo and Neo hearing devices by eliminating less-used sound programs, ensuring that it is easier to switch between settings on the hearing aid. The app also provides hearing aid users access to videos and FAQs and check their devices' battery status.

Charger Bundle

As mentioned before, the Eargo charger has a rapid charge feature, which allows for 3 hours of use on a single 30 min charge. Once fully charged, the Eargo hearing aid lasts for about 16 hours. 

Eargo hearing aids are an ideal choice for people with mild to severe hearing loss. The earpieces are optimally designed for discretion and comfort in the ear canal. The great price and streamlined buying experience make the brand a force to be reckoned with in the world of online straight-to-consumer hearing devices. 

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