BeHear NOW

BeHear NOW

The BeHear NOW is a Bluetooth headset style neck-loop that acts as a hearing amplifier system for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss or those demanding better hearing in particular conditions. 

But this is not a one-size-fits-all device. The focus is on adapting the device to your particular hearing needs. Developed by experienced sound engineers and a certified audiologist, the algorithmic processing of the headset's built-in software reduces the background noise. It amplifies only what you want to hear.

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The BeHear NOW is part of a wave of wearable devices hitting the market. By integrating advanced hearing technology and consumer electronics, BeHear NOW overcomes the stigma, price tag, and restricted functionality of a conventional hearing aid, placing you in control of their hearing. The result? Improved hearing in face-to-face conversations and telephone calls, resulting in more seamless overall communication.

One headset, many uses

Alango BeHear NOW's versatility makes it an option for a variety of occasions, including:

  • In-person conversations: The BeHEar NOW comes into its own during face-to-face conversations with its four directional microphones and customizable noise reduction. 
  • Mobile phone conversations: Easy smartphone connectivity means you can press a button to answer your phone. Vibration alerts in the headset ensure that even when the earbuds are draped over your chest, you are always aware of incoming calls.
  • Music/audio streaming: The BeHear NOW doubles as wireless Bluetooth headphones, allowing you to enjoy any streamed content you like, from your favorite band to the latest podcast episode.
  • Watching movies: Using sound effect normalization, BeHear NOW improves speech intelligibility by deemphasizing background sounds and music in movies and TV programs.

Main Features of the BeHear NOW


One of the flagship features of BeHear NOW is an option to slow down speech. A cutting-edge algorithm analyzes incoming speech and automatically compensates for the processing delay to detect voice and pauses, slowing down crucial words and phrases, and quickly catching up to the real-time signal wherever possible. 

Slowing down speech is a great way for people with hearing difficulties to access more processing time. It is also particularly useful during conversations with "fast talkers" or people with accents. This is also useful for often-cryptic voicemail messages where it is not an option to ask the caller to repeat themselves for clarification.

Noise reduction 

BeHear NOW applies a dedicated noise reduction technology to the surrounding sound environment, thereby making it much easier to focus on the conversation in front of you. This noise reduction can be customized to suit your needs. 

Hearing assessment

Take a pure-tone hearing test with the provided smartphone app. The process is similar to the professional hearing test done by an audiologist. Each ear is tested, and the test takes about five minutes. The result is a visual representation of your hearing results, which will be used to customize your settings. 

Customize your sound

Four separate listening presets are pre-programmed into the BeHear NOW headset: Indoor, Outdoor, Crowd, and Live Music. When you have completed the built-in Hearing Assessment mentioned above, these presets will be customized automatically to fit your specific hearing profile. Using the BeHear app, the headset can also be personalized in real-time to suit your present sound environment.


It is possible to link the BeHear NOW to 8 separate Bluetooth sources simultaneously. This enables you to answer a phone call while the headset is still connected to the TV, then seamlessly return to your show after you've ended the call.

Long battery life

The headset can be used for up to 13 hours of use in listening mode and 8 hours when continuously streaming. If you need more power, don't worry! The BeHear NOw charges fully within 2 hours.

ListenThrough technology

This feature eliminates the isolation that can be experienced when listening to music through earbuds. Via the built-in microphones, it mixes in ambient sound with the music you are listening to. 

Intuitive design

The neckband is comfortable and lightweight to wear. Remote push-button headset controls are arranged on the protruding arms. The right side is dedicated to the personal hearing features, and the left with call handling. 

A TV viewing option with Hear Link

BeHear pairs with the optional HearLink TV transmitter from Alango to send the audio signal from the television directly to your paired BeHear NOW headset.

About Alango Technologies

BeHear NOW is offered by Alango Technologies, a company with almost two decades of practical experience designing digital sound processing technologies for challenging acoustic environments. Millions of communication products worldwide rely on Alango's algorithms and software to help them with their sound needs. 

Alango understands that we all have unique hearing preferences and find themselves in a multitude of sound environments. The company's mission is to allow everyone to hear better wherever they find themselves. 

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