With the aim of offering discreet, cost-effective, designer hearing aids, Audicus Hearing Aids was formed in 2012. Their hearing aids are a welcome disruption to a world where hearing aids have traditionally been expensive, meaning people who have hearing loss have not been able to afford treatment. This direct-to-consumer brand dramatically reduces the cost of hearing aids and ensures that hearing aids are tailored and adapted to the user's requirements.

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How is Audicus different?

Audicus was one of the first start-ups to offer an accurate online hearing test to program your hearing aids, eliminating the need to search for a clinical audiogram. Through this test, a custom hearing solution can be ordered online in 15 minutes. 

Unlike the service offered by a regular audiologist, Audicus offers unlimited expert hearing aid advice via telephone, chat, or email. The support allows you to understand your hearing loss and provides essential advice during the tricky early days of hearing aid wear. No appointments or copays are required for this service.

But that's not all. For a 45-day trial period, Audicus gives new customers the option of testing their new hearing aids to ensure that they are 100% satisfied with their hearing aids. 

How the Audicus hearing test works

A team led by a neuroscience engineer spent two years studying, designing, and verifying the current Audicus hearing test. The test was launched in May 2017, testing both ears at varying decibel volumes against many sound frequencies. It was the first sufficiently accurate online test to program custom hearing aids from the findings.

Audicus hearing aids

The Wave

The Wave is the latest device from Audicus and is suitable for moderate to severe hearing loss. It is rechargeable and has direct dual Bluetooth communication to connect directly to Apple or Android devices. Users can also customize their hearing aid performance settings to suit their unique needs directly from their smartphone or handheld devices.

The Aura

The Aura features a discreet design, allowing you to improve your hearing without anyone knowing that you are even wearing a hearing aid. Moreover, this ergonomic shape is unique and is something that you can comfortably wear all day. You'll be ready for whatever the day throws at you.

The Clara

Clara is suitable for those with mild to severe hearing loss. This receiver-in-canal device is also available in a super-power option. Users can choose an improved clarity upgrade for a further $50 per ear to boost their number of programmable channels from 8 to 12. The Clara can also be upgraded to be compatible with the Audicus Rechargeable Dock for an additional $200 per ear, eliminating the need to change the batteries.

The Dia II 

The Dia II is an entry level device currently priced at $499 per ear for one-time purchases. It is built for mild to moderate hearing loss and is a behind-the-ear device. It has all the features that anyone would need, including multiple channels, directional microphones, and an automatic "scene analyzer" that separates noise from speech. 

How much do Audicus hearing aids cost?

Audicus hearing aids are sold individually. The Wave is sold at $899 per ear, The Clara at $699 per ear, and $499 per ear for The Dia II. 

Another option is to opt for the monthly payment plan, where users can pay in installments using Affirm financing.

Audicus is also the first to offer a Hearing Care membership. This membership is an all-inclusive hearing care plan and is provided for one low monthly price + a $100 start up fee. The prices are dependent on the hearing aid and range from $39 - $69 per ear, per month. This price covers rental of a brand new Audicus hearing aid, insurance, ongoing expert support, regular delivery of supplies, and a new set of hearing aids every 18 months. This plan has no minimum contract and can be canceled at any time.

Hearing Aid Accessories by Audicus

Dry UV Box

The UV Dry Box helps keep your hearing aids dry. To eliminate built-up moisture, they are placed in the UV dry box overnight.

Bluetooth Remote and Dock

Users can make their Audicus hearing aid(s) Bluetooth compatible using the Bluetooth remote. They can stream sound directly from a TV, computer, smartphone, or other Bluetooth enabled device to their hearing aids. It is also possible to use the Bluetooth remote to adjust the hearing aid's volume and settings. A Bluetooth dock that charges the remote and transmits sound directly from other appliances to your hearing aid is included with the Bluetooth remote.

Classic Remote

The classic remote controls both the Audicus Clara and Dia II hearing aids. Wearers can change programs with the remote, adjust the volume on their hearing aid, and select custom programs such as tinnitus-masking and telecoil. The classic remote is small enough to fit in a pocket or purse. It also comes with a belt clip for those who prefer wearing their remote instead. 

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